🇰🇷A Day in Gangnam, Seoul – Finding BTS Pop-Up and Starfield Library🇰🇷 My First Time In Korea Vlog 1


Hello everyone,
I arrived the day before and today I had one thing on my mind…Find BTS. The place to go was Gangnam, I visited their Pop-Up store to start then I thought I could find Big Hit Entertainment but I kept getting lost with Google maps.

The funny thing about all my walking around is that BTS were not even in Korea at the time. They left that morning to Japan, and they came back to Seoul the day I left back to London. Honestly it was the most funniest thing, the whole reason I came to Seoul was to be in the same place as BTS someone was playing games with me. It was not funny, I was not laughing.

Seoul was everything and more, better than I expected and I am proud I pushed myself to go on this trip. I am so thankful for this experience, vlogging was awkward but I wanted to remember this journey. I love watching my videos (I cringe at myself) but I watch these videos and they remind that these moments happened. I turned a dream into a reality, Seoul is within reach.

Thank you for watching this video; my solo trip to Seoul, South Korea if you want to see what I go up to on the other days the videos are all linked below 🙂

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Music: https://www.bensound.com

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II

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