7 Things I Stop Buying When Trying To Save Money | Frugal Living, How To Budget and Save in Your 20s

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s post. I will be sharing 7 things I stop buying when I am trying to save money. I am on a journey to become a good steward of my money and be financially healthy. I always used to write down what I spent, but I was not intentional about my tracking. If I had money I spent it. I did not follow a budget and I didn’t have long term savings. However when I did want to save for something for example a holiday I was good at cutting things out of my life and living frugal.
These are a list of things I still buy occasionally or when I know I have extra money. But when I am saving I cut these out.

1. Hair extensions; 
This is something new I stopped doing this year actually.
I normally change my blonde hair extensions every 3 weeks. They are cheap however when I am trying to save money it is too much maintenance. I realised this in March and I haven’t been blonde since then. 

2. Sheet Masks;
Single masks are normally around £3. I would get single masks because I liked to try different ones. However my skincare routine can manage without sheet masks as long as I have my basics and also I can do homemade masks. When I have extra money I can buy a box of one I really like that contains 10 sheetmasks online from Amazon for like £13. Its better to buy in bulk than single use.

3. Paying for Multiple streaming sites;
I had to cancel Crunchyroll. Paying for two sources of entertainment both Netflix and crunchyroll is for when I have extra money left over. I wanted to watch some new things on Netflix so I choose to keep it. But normally I would have cancelled Netflix and kept Crunchyroll cause anime is life. Also I can still use crunchyroll for free if I have the patience to watch the ads but I dont lol.

4. Topping up my phone credit;
I’m on pay as you go, I stopped being on contract a couple years ago because I never used up the airtime. It felt like a waste of money. Now I keep a phone till it stops working or breaks. And I also only top up credit if I need to. £10 can last me about 3 months and I only use it to check transportation, Google maps and contact people in emergencies if I’m out. Every other time I use wifi and to call I use WhatsApp call

5. Take always; 
I don’t eat out get take always when I’m am living more frugal. It can get pretty expensive. When I want to eat out I get a Tesco ready made meal instead. It is definitely not the same as getting my favourite but it at least helps me have no cooking days.

6. Not ordering fizzy or juice at restaurants with my meal;
If I was going out to eat with friends when asked if I would like a drink with my meal I usually say no just water or I order a cocktail. I will not pay £3.50 for a glass of Cola when I know that I can get a bottle at the shop for that price. I’m okay with cocktails because I am paying for the mix. However a glass of orange juice for £3.50 is a no no.

7. Going out frequently;
I try to do a lot of things in one day if I’m going out. I will run errands in the morning, see family in the afternoon and then spend the night with my friends. Or I will go to work then after I go to the gym. I spend less on transportation, day bus is £4.50 so I make good use of the day. I realised I didn’t need to spend so much on transportation if I just have days when I don’t leave my house. Also I try to take the bus everywhere. If the place is too far I will use the train. But the bus is cheaper.

That’s the list 
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