Using Sunscreen To Get Bright & Clear Skin

Etude House Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sun Milk SPF50+ 

Hello everyone, welcome to todays post. I will be sharing with you all how I added sunscreen to my skincare routine and the difference it has made for me. My morning routine now consists of 4 steps, starting with cleansing my face and ending with sunscreen.

I want to tell you about my introduction to sunscreen.  

I started using Sunscreen last summer because the heat was so strong on holiday i could literally feel my skin burning. I found this brand of sunscreen that said it had 100spf so i got it for my holiday and I didn’t think I would keep using it after my holiday. The reason I kept using it was because my mum said my skin looked really good when I arrived home from holiday. I had not been doing anything different apart from using sunscreen.

Adding Sunscreen into my skincare routine helped improve my uneven skin tone from sun damage.

Even though I knew I should be wearing sunscreen everyday and I could see the effect of just using it occasional,  I still did not use it everyday. When I used my BHA toner I would remember to use it after because BHA makes your skin more sensitive, but when I could get away without using my sunscreen I would  avoid it. 

I just did not like my sunscreen, I did not like the texture, how my skin felt or looked after with the white cast. So this month I decided that it was time to make a change with my sunscreen  since it just was not working. 

Before applying sunscreen I make sure I moisturise my skin well to help blend the sunscreen in when i put in on. I have read that physical sunscreen are best and that using a moisturise with spf is not as effective, so I apply the sunscreen last after moisturising. 

The new sunscreen that I have been using is Sunprise Mild Airy Finish. I did some research on it before i got it, and it ticked the boxes for me as something new to try. This is a physical sunscreen that offers UVA & UVB protection, SPF 50 and it is for sensitive skin types.

My first impressions were good, so far I am comfortable enough to wear it everyday and I don’t have a problem with the scent. I liked the way the sunscreen felt, it was watery and not heavy or sticky.  I am more comfortable with putting it all over my neck, an area I used to neglect because I would get greasy with the previous sunscreen. I also think it blends in well and does not leave me with a white cast, I still have a glow and it helps with oil balance on my skin. I am still researching more about this product and watching to see the long term effects. 

Thank you for reading, I wanted to share this to encourage others to wear sunscreen as it protects and also gives you healthier looking skin. If you want to see more from me there are poetry, skincare and travel videos linked below. Remember to like, comment and subscribe so I know what to keep posting 🙂


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