5 Things I Buy That Waste Money That I Need To Stop | How To Budget and Save, Frugal Living

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s post. I will be sharing 5 things I buy or still do that wastes money. I am on journey to become a good steward of my money and be financially healthy. After tracking my spending habits I noticed that there are a few things I still buy and it is not helping me save. Being intentional about how I spend my money means seeing what I do that is wasteful and making an effort to resolve it.

Here is a list of things I need to cut that will save me money.

1. Bottled water;
My family has never been a fan of tap water. I have a filter at home, we keep it fresh and change the cartridge regularly. However, I still buy bottled water sometimes, to often to be honest. When I am out and I get thirsty I go to the shop and buy a bottle. Really I should reuse a bottle and fill it up before I leave my house but sometimes I get lazy or forget. So this habit wastes alot of money.

2. Buying snacks;
This just takes a good chunk of my money weekly. I’m buying chocolates, crisps and cakes. Here’s why it’s even worse I normally buy the pack versions, buy in bulk save money. However, when I get the 4 pack snickers I end up eating it in 2days on a bad week. It didn’t even last 4days, 1 a day at least. No my snacking habit is so bad if I see it, I will eat it. It is getting better and there are times when I cut myself off completely and not buy any snack. But when I do buy it again I binge -_-

3. Travel size products
I confess I am too lazy sometimes to pour some lotion into a reusable small container. When I am packing for a trip sometimes its easier to buy a small version of my facewash, and toothpaste. Cleaning out containers after a trip adds to things to do. There are some things that I have to buy in small version such as deodorant if i am only packing a hand luggage, because I can’t transfer deodorant. But when it comes to buying a small shower gel. I really should pour some out from the main one I use into a reusable container.

4. Eating meals at airports at the start of trip;
When I am returning to London I eat at the airport I am departing from, I do it for the experience, my last meal in the country. However, when I am flying to the country I also get a coffee and meals at Heathrow or Gatwick. On my last trip I packed a sandwich for breakfast that I planned on eating at the airport. I got there, ate the sandwich then went to Yo Sushi. I always arrive at the airports super early so it’s a mixture of wanting something to do while I wait, being bored and my stomach always wanting food. I think it’s best I save as much money as possible for my trip I shouldn’t really be getting those airports meals. Also this one time I got on the plane right after eating, and when the plane was settled in the air the cabin crew starting bringing out the lunch meal. Because obviously my flights always come with a meal, I should have just waited.

5. Buying products and only using them once;
I got a small travel sized humidifier that I said I would take with me when I travel. However I dont. I wanted something at one point in time that I thought would be useful, but I am not using it so its just sitting there. I did this again when I got stick on hooks. I put it up and took it down because it didn’t look good. So I have a box of hooks I dont use. Then I got a touch pen for my phone, that I used once, then realised I prefer drawing on papers still. The list goes on. I am keeping most of the things for now because I hope to use them again eventually and not waste my money because I bought something I thought I needed by didn’t. Now I want to properly research and see if the thing I want to buy will fit into my lifestyle realistically.

That’s the list, I know what to watch out for and cut to help me save more money. Thank you for reading. If you enjoyed it remember to like comment and follow. And I’ll see you you in the next one. Byee

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