Jealous – a poem from 7305 Days Old Poetry Collection


I’m a little jealous, 

Because you started after me.

I’m struggling just to make it everyday.

Then you came and did it with ease. 

It all fit together so quickly, 

That now you have passed me. 

I desired to grow more than anything.

You had some free time,

Decided on a whim, 

There was no intention;

Yet it worked in your favour.

How is it that I am looking at your back?

Watching you change and be what I dream.

Still I can’t do anything about it,

All I have are these emotions.

They say everyone is on their own path,

Keep to your lane and it will move forward.

Yet I’m caught in traffic, 

And I haven’t moved in awhile;

And you’re not in eyesight view anymore

Download Ebook : 7305 Days Old Poems

7305 Days Old is two Poetry Collections written when Jemima was twenty years old. The poems in this book are about experiencing first love, and discovering purpose; the roller coaster of becoming Twenty. This is a journey to growth, which contained many litres of tears; however it shaped Jemima and put her on a path to loving herself sincerely.

About Us is a collection of 22 poems that shows a young adult learning and experiencing feelings of love for the first time and being in a romantic relationship; the bittersweet memories. The journey from falling in love to breaking up and other complicated emotions such as, desperation, rejection and acceptance.

“Fall in love with someone who does not love you,
Stay committed to them and never leave their side.

That way you never experience true love,
That way you never have anything to lose.” – Strategy (a poem from About Us)

7305 Days Old is a collection of 20 poems, in this collection she wanted to show you the year she entered her twenties, this milestone phase of life that did not go to plan. She has expectations, feels jealousy and experiences pain; when her dreams and faith are being tested she looks for purpose.

Download Ebook : 7305 Days Old Poems

About Us – Preview

7305 Days Old – Preview

If you are interested in seeing more poetry from me and helping me on the journey to getting a full book published, I would appreciate any support by following and sharing as well as donations. Thank you for reading!

Download Ebook : 7305 Days Old Poems

Jemima 🙂

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