Room Makeover Part 2: Organising & Storage Amazon Cube Shelfs, Organiser Trays, Plastic Baskets

Hello everyone, welcome to the room makeover part 2. I spend a lot of time in my room and I have always done the best I can to keep it clean and organised. However, I thought it was time my room got a little makeover as there were a few things I was not happy with and I am trying to create a space for myself that brings me peace and comfort. In part 1 painting my room grey was the first thing I had to do. After that it was time to organise my stuff and makes thing easy to access. I had most of the things I needed, so it was just about decluttering and reallocating.

Thank you for watching this video, if you want to see more videos from me there are poetry, skincare and travel videos linked below. Remember to like, comment and subscribe so I know what to keep posting 🙂

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