English Conversation Practice – Informal speaking and listening

Hello my name is Jemima, and I teach English on italki. Book a lesson with me here: italki.com/teacher/10308612

I am bubbly and enthusiastic which will allow me to adapt and interact learners to create a welcoming atmosphere.  I am passionate and interested in supporting and helping others to achieve goals. I am very hard working and confident, considering myself as an eager learner full of ambition and drive; which means I am able to understand quickly what is required from me and perform at a high standard to help learner improve their English language skills.

We will create your learning goals for the lessons e.g talk about likes and dislikes comfortably or to be able to speak English for 5 minutes with ease. The lessons will be very relaxed and there will be a lot of images and videos we watch together. My lessons will be about practicing everyday conversations; from general socialising to buying food and using transportation. We will talk about the day, sharing a daily routine; what time you woke up, what did you do and how long did things take. We can talk about what movies or tv shows we like; and an interesting scene we want to recreate. We can listen to songs, as memorising lyrics to favourite songs is a great way to remember words.

To practice speaking and listening by learning vocabulary for conversations
To develop confidence in spoken communication
To engage in discussion on everyday topics; daily routines, expressing feelings, using transportation, etc.
To open and keep conversations going, ask questions to gain specific information and responding with answers

We will say greetings in different emotional states: happy, sad, angry, bored and ask ‘how am I feeling?’ to understand emotional vocabulary as emotions affect the way we speak.

We will learn new vocabulary, words or phrase that are confusing. Then find the definition for the word and practice using them in conversation.

We will use ‘What do you like about…..?’ and ‘What do you think about…?’ to be able to describe things we enjoy and do not. Then practice giving an opinion on a subject.

We will watch movies/tv clips and discuss what the characters are doing and role play.

A worksheet will be given at the end of the lesson

Book a lesson with me here: italki.com/teacher/10308612

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