Birthday Vlog 🎂 Ramen at Tonkotsu 🍜 + Watching Shang-Chi 🥋 at the Cinema 🎦 September in London 2021

Hello everyone, it was my birthday…

All I wanted to do was eat Ramen and pretend as if I was in Japan.

Then I went to watch Shang-Chi at the cinema with Keisha and Rania.

I had a very chill but lovely birthday. I am so thankful to everyone who made me feel so loved 🥰

I am excited for this upcoming year, I don’t have a mapped out plan or anything I just know I want to enjoy this season of life and laugh lots. 

Thank you so much to my subscribers for supporting Jemima’s Outcome! I hope to continue to share more of my journey with you ✨

I am welcoming in my Next Chapter 💜

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