Why I Don’t Post On YouTube 🙃 Online Dating Is Traumatic + I Want More In 2022 💎 GemTime Life Update

Hey friends, welcome to today’s Gem Time video. I think it is time for me to explain why I haven’t been consistent with YouTube over the last 3 months. My real ones know I was on a roll, posting every single week from March 2021. YouTube was something I was having a lot of fun with and took very serious. However, end of October 2021 I had a small road accident, and shared a little about my recovery in my 5am morning routine. This accident set me about 3 weeks behind and in November I only posted 2 videos. 

I wish I could say me feeling unwell because to my back pain was the only reason I didn’t post. 

But the truth is, I was also distracted by something else. 

I was going through emotional trauma.

I downloaded a dating app. 

I was someone who didn’t date and I always knew dating apps didn’t seem right for me. Yet, I somehow managed to still hop on the train wreck that is dating online. 

I’m not even exaggerating, November and December were the hardest months of the year for me; it was emotional exhausting and overwhelming. 

The only reason why y’all had videos during those months was because the skincare was already a little pre planned and the rest were just vlogs of me going out.

I need to confess and say sorry for not being consistent. I will go into my dating app stories in another video; I’m thinking to have a chat with my sister over a skincare routine. 

Attempting to date takes time, and uses up mental and emotional energy. And I didn’t expect it would have me so distracted. It’s been just a little under 3 months and I think I am getting my sanity back a little and it’s something I have pushed to the background. I personally don’t think it works for me. I am 90% done with dating online. The only reason why I haven’t deleted my account is because I know I would be tempted to get it back. So I am just letting it be. 

However, there were some good things that came out of this experience. I was able to reflect more on my goals and who I want to become.

It made me reach for my poetry book. I started working on it again. The poems are coming back. This is something that I felt has been missing from my channel, I want to talk about my feelings. My emotions are cringe and embarrassing, but I am being the truest version of myself when I am working on my writing. And I have always wanted to expand and become a better writer. So I need to let these poems out and write new ones. Wanting to write more and have a discussion was how I came up with the book-ish series on my channel. That is a series that will be continuing and I am doing my best to make it more engaging as possible.

Another thing I have been reflecting about is how much I miss travelling and I need to figure that out. Jemima on a solo trip, she is brave and adventurous; and I need that back. 2022 is about travel, literally my gaols for this year is just a list of places I want to visit.

Job wise, I realised it was time for a change too. I have been doing a job that was just meant to be for an interim for 3 and a half years now. And what happened is I got comfortable. I knew at this job I had hit the ceiling and there is no room for growth. However, it is something I am good at and even though I have not been feeling fulfilled I stayed so long because it is still a meaningful role and I know I am making a difference to others. I want to help people, but I also want to progress. And so I found a new job, but then it was not a right fit for me; and I could still feel I wanted more and I couldn’t get that at this company. I left after a week, lol. I am still looking for the right opportunity job wise; it was a good thing I hadn’t left my old job yet lol. 

Something that is going to stay the same is my family and friends, I have some great supportive people around me and I am so blessed. I spend a lot of time with my girls and I love it. The vlogs at this point is Diana & Jemima aka Daily DJ. Even though Rania does not want to invite me to her house and keeps mad secrets from me, I still fucks with her. We need to visit Keisha, so a weekend girls trip outside London is needed. I’ll try to get more of Francheca in the vlogs, cause I see her but we just chill. And then there are girls like Adeaze and Lydia who I don’t see enough, but I am thinking about. I also want to spend more time with my cousins this years; life is changing for everyone. Just thinking and Bernice’s wedding is still so amazing. 

A few of my ages mates are getting married this year as well, shout out to you. I think I will be going to a wedding in Italy? I’ll try not to cry too much about the fact people are getting married and I’m single.

But seriously, I am so thankful to have a loyal circle.

Which include you guys, my subscribers. Thank you for sticking around even with my inconsistency. I am so excited to continue to share my journey with you. I love making content and I try to be as sincere as possible. I have a range of interests as you have seen and I appreciate you being here for me. I want to bring you good content that will add value to you. So thank you to my subscribers and I hoped you enjoyed to chatting catch-up and you look forward to more videos on Jemima’s Outcome.

Thank you so much for watching this video. If you enjoyed this video remember to like, comment, subscribe and ring the notification bell so you know when I post. I’ll see you next week. Byeeeee

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