How To Not Be Needy 🚩Online Events + A Poem 🦷 What My Teeth Falling Out Dream Means #IAmNeedy 2022

Hey friends, welcome to todays poetry reading. My book Needy: My Break Up Song is available on Amazon and it’s been such a surreal experience finally being able to share something so meaningful with you all. I will be hosting a few online poetry readings and discussion in April.

My first event is April 9th at 12:30pm, UK time. It is an online event and it is free. You can register for it using the Eventbrite link down below in the description and comment section. Registering before hand will help me be as organised and prepared as possible; so I know exactly who will be showing up on Zoom.

The events are called ‘I Am Needy’. They are Poetry Readings + Discussions on Loving Yourself. Saying Goodbye To Needy! Together we will encourage and support each other to learn what our needs are and have them met in a healthy way.

I Am Needy is about sharing my experience and encouraging others to love themselves. There is nothing wrong with having needs. It is just important to know that if it comes from a place of seeking external validation it can be toxic. 

This is a safe space for healthy discussion and growth. To learn how to go from ‘I Am Needy’ into ‘I Know My Needs’. 

And when you know your needs, you become confident and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

The Basic out line of the event:

12:30 – Introductions + Game 1

12:45 – Book Summary

1:00 – Poem 1 + Discussion 

1:30 – Music Playlist + Game 2

1:50 – Poem 2 + Discussion 

2:20 – Closing 

The purpose of these sessions is to get to know you all as well as talk about life.

I am hoping to do a some online events and some in person ones in London around May.

Follow me on instagram @theoutcomestudio to DM me directly if you have any questions or suggestions; for example if you think we should do some events on Friday nights.

Now let me read you a poem

This is called Falling on page 12.

Thank you so much for listening. I hope to be able to see you at one of my ‘I Am Needy’ events. If you enjoyed the poems and want to support me you can buy my book on Amazon. Needy: My Break Up Song by Jemima Lola.

If you enjoyed to video remember to like, comment, subscribe; ringing the notification bell so you know when I post. I’ll see you in the next video, Byeeee

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