Stuck In A Toxic Cycle 🔂 Midweek + Confronted Poetry Reading *why did I stay!* 🤦🏾‍♀️ #IAmNeedy 2022

Hey friends, welcome to todays poetry reading. My book Needy: My Break Up Song is available on Amazon. I am not tired of saying that yet. I will be reading two poems from the book and talking about them.

But first a remind to register for the I Am Needy event on April 9th at 12:30pm, UK time. The Eventbrite link is down below in the description and comment section.

The ‘I Am Needy’ events are about sharing experiences and encouraging each other on our journey, so we can better learn how to love ourselves. There is nothing wrong with having needs. It is just important to know that if it comes from a place of seeking external validation it can be toxic. 

The ‘I Am Needy’ events are a safe space for healthy discussion and growth. It will transition us from ‘I Am Needy’ into ‘I Know My Needs’. The basic out line of the events is two poem readings followed by discussions. There will be games, music and challenges in-between. It will be a fun time.

To help you prepare a for the discussions follow me on instagram @theoutcomestudio to join in with ‘I Know My Needs Month’.

Over the month of April, we will identify and write down what are needs are and how we want them met. There is so much power is writing something down. “Write the vision And make it plain on tablets, That he may run who reads it” Habakkuk 2:2

A need is an essential for something to work at a healthy state. Taking the time to reflect and figure out boundaries will help us level up mentally. We can become more confident knowing our needs; it will allows us to be the best version of ourselves and not settle for less than we deserve in any area of our life. 

During the ‘I Am Needy’ events we will talk about what we need out of different areas in our lives. 

The main focus will be as an Individual what do you need; from what you eat to how your room looks to what habits you want to improve.

And we will us navigate what is an Unnecessary Standard vs Essential Need. For example:

I want my body to always stay the same size and not fluctuate. 


I want to look after my body well so I can meet the demands of life. This includes eating good food as much as possible, allowing sweets and junk to be fine in moderation. I will move my body by going for long walks and doing deep stretches because with intense workouts sometimes I loose motivation. A healthy body is important to me especially after experiencing periods of pain from hurting my lower back in an accident to getting an eye infection recently. I have seen the value of a health body on a deeper level than looking good on the outside.

We can discussion what we need out of: Family – Friends -Money -Education -Work -Experiences -Romantic Relationship – Location/ Environment.

There is so much to chat to about.

Follow me on instagram @theoutcomestudio to know when each topic will be discussed and also for prompts for reflection throughout ‘I Know My Needs Month’.

Now let me read you a poem: This is called Midweek on page 14 and Confronted on page 34

Thank you so much for listening. I hope to be able to see you at one of my ‘I Am Needy’ events. If you enjoyed the poems and want to support me you can buy my book on Amazon. Needy: My Break Up Song by Jemima Lola.

If you enjoyed to video remember to like, comment, subscribe; ringing the notification bell so you know when I post. I’ll see you in the next video, Byeeee

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