I Had Good Intentions At First 💘 (Secret) admirer 🤩 + Create Poetry Book Reading #IAmNeedy 2022

Hey friends, welcome to todays poetry reading. My book Needy: My Break Up Song is available on Amazon.  I will be reading two poems from the book and talking about them.

Obsession is toxic, and I went from simply admiring someone (like I thought they were cool) into fantasising that there were my muse. Whether I was happy or sad depended on them. And when they did me wrong I overlooked it all because I liked the idea of them, the one I had created in my head. 

A remind to register for the I Am Needy event. The Eventbrite link is down below in the description and comment section. I had to delay the first event, and the date might change again I apologise. But the link is the same and the event will happen it’s just about finding the right time to kick it off.

Now let me read you a poem: This is called (Secret) admirer on page 8 Create on page 30

The ‘I Am Needy’ events are about sharing experiences and encouraging each other on our journey, so we can better learn how to love ourselves. There is nothing wrong with having needs. It is just important to know that if it comes from a place of seeking external validation it can be toxic. 

The ‘I Am Needy’ events are a safe space for healthy discussion and growth. It will transition us from ‘I Am Needy’ into ‘I Know My Needs’. To help you prepare a for the discussions follow me on instagram @theoutcomestudio to join in with ‘I Know My Needs Month’.

Over the month of April, we will identify and write down what are needs are and how we want them met. A need is an essential for something to work at a healthy state. Taking the time to reflect and figure out boundaries will help us level up mentally. We can become more confident knowing our needs; it will allows us to be the best version of ourselves and not settle for less than we deserve in any area of our life. 

Follow me on instagram @theoutcomestudio to know when each topic will be discussed and also for prompts for reflection throughout ‘I Know My Needs Month’.

Thank you so much for listening. I hope to be able to see you at one of my ‘I Am Needy’ events. If you enjoyed the poems and want to support me you can buy my book on Amazon. Needy: My Break Up Song by Jemima Lola.

If you enjoyed to video remember to like, comment, subscribe; ringing the notification bell so you know when I post. I’ll see you in the next video, Byeeee


0:00 Intro

0:27 (Secret) admirer + Create poem

1:24 I Had Good Intentions 

5:50 I Become Obsessed 

6:49 I Am Needy Event

7:39 I Know My Needs Month

8:05 Outro

8:26 Promo/Subscribe/Watch More

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