4 Years On YouTube ✨ Why I Started 🎬 Inconsistent Phase, Channel Growth 📈 + Future As A Creator 2022

Hello everyone, welcome to today’s video. This May 2022, I will have been creating content on YouTube for 4 years. Jemima’s Outcome is 4 Years Old, and it’s been an interesting journey. Now, let me be clear I have not been consistent for that long, my YouTube has always been up and down. However, since March 2021 to now, there has been a big improvement with my consistency as I take this seriously now. Still, the fact remains I first started sharing videos 4 years ago and over that time I have learnt a few things about what it means to be a creator and the impact it can have on your life. I will be making a series a videos talking about my creator journey and more over what I learnt; from how to start and manage a YouTube channel to How to edit videos and create thumbnails and also some benefits of being a content creator. 

Before I dive into all of those juicy topics and tutorials though, I thought the first thing to talk about is my channel in general from the beginning to what’s next.

Why I started YouTube? and Why was I not consistent?

Honestly, I created my channel because I had nothing better to do. I was very bored and I wanted to make my life exciting; so I thought I should pursue a career in entertainment. I always thought about becoming a presenter; that was one of my fantasy dreams when I was younger. But, I was so shy in front of a camera. I needed a way to practice if I was gonna give it shot and join an entertainment agency one day. YouTube seemed like a good way to build my acting showreel, my videos would be proof I am engaging and a good communicator. I decided to become a YouTuber, in hopes that it would lead me to presenting/ acting gigs. 

At the time I thought I would do poetry and lifestyle content. I began my channel with a poetry reading, did a few fashion stuff, then moved on to homemade skincare masks/ routine and made some more poetry videos. During that time I also realised I wanted to start a stationery business. This was another childhood dream. I decided to sell hand painted notebooks on etsy and I made a video on that too. From May to August 2018 I made content, I filmed on my iPhone 5 and edited on iMovie on there or the editing software on my laptop; both were not ideal. 

However, my last video that year was August 21st 2018, and I stopped posting. The reason I stopped in 2018 was because of my personal life. There was so much going on and I was not in a good place mentally. I resurfaced back on April 21st 2019. There is something about spring time that make me want to blossom too. Then from 2019 until 2021 it was skincare, holiday travel and London vlogs, with some sprinkles of other topics.

During those two years I was still inconsistent, because I didn’t know where this channel was going. I had bought my canon g7x mark ii for my 2019 comeback, and I wanted to take YouTube seriously, but I still was not all in. I created my channel in hopes of being a presenter, but I quickly learnt in 2018 that I did not really desire that and so I had lost the reason I started. But, I kept making content whenever I felt I had something I wanted to share. I was never expecting anything. I was simply at a point where I knew I wanted to help and inspire people and making videos was fun. I didn’t think about anything more. There was no specific vision behind this channel, helping people is too vague. However, it made me post, I was not consistent, but every once in a while I felt eager to create.

That phase was fine for me, not wanting much; I was even too shy to share my channel with friends and family. It was my little secret project. I should also mention that in 2020 I had a lot of free time because of Rona 19 and I could not make the content I initially wanted to. I wanted to do more travel, but that was not possible. So I focused mainly on skincare. And I think that’s when it became my main niche and not just one of the different things I did. Skincare became the focus. 

Now I want to share Why did I become consistent?

In March 2021 everything changed, I hit 100 subscribers. I had been joking recently with my friends about that being my goal, but I never really did much to make it happen. So, when it did; I was just like okay I think I can do this. I started posting every week, and while I was doing that some of my previous videos in 2020 skyrocketed. 

So in May 2021, I found two new reasons to be consistently. First, people are watching me; actually having an audience makes YouTube more enjoyable. I never realised before how much a community matters. And it does not even need to be a larger following. Having a few engaging and loyal subscribers boosts moral and made me want to create more content.

The second thing is that some video pick up a few months or even a year later after you’ve posted. It’s so easy to think that if a video does not do well by a month then it will never get views. But that not true. If you are making searchable content, then there is always a possibility it will be found in due time. And am not talking about making trendy or viral stuff, I mean if you know it will add value to someone for real. Those videos that are answers to someone’s problems will find a way to be grow eventually. 

Why do I make YouTube videos now? What’s next?

Finally, I was to end on why I am I still making videos now and where this channel is heading. 

Jemima’s Outcome is a way for me to document my life, I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon. I like being able to look back and know what I phase I was in. My channel does not really have a niche. Previously I could stay skincare and vlogs were the main things. But, I am in a different space at the moment. I still use skincare but I don’t buy as much anymore because I am working on other projects. Skincare will always be a big part, because it helped me grow in confidence and it was a good way to show myself attention and love.

While, I grew as I creator I learned what I liked and disliked about creating. It helped me finish projects I had been procrastinating, as well as find new interests I would like to try one day.

One of the big things I have realised is how I want to help others. I decided I wanted to become a business. I want to help others with their struggles as well as their creative process.

The outcome studio, my creative business include’s Jemima outcome, but extended bigger than just what’s happening in my life. I am still figuring out the plan, but I have a vision now. The things I enjoy most which is publishing and video production I want to build something from that.

If you want to follow my start up journey, watch the vlogs for the behind the scenes of me trying to establish my business. In the next coming videos I will go into the how to’s of YouTube; so if you want to learn about those make sure to subscribe and ring the notification bell so you know when I post. Thank you so much for watching, remember to like and comment below if you this. I’ll see you in the next one. Byee

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