Trying To Get Their Attention 👀 Does It Last? Language + Locked 🎯 Poetry Book Reading #IAmNeedy 2022

Hey friends, welcome to today’s poetry reading for My book Needy: My Break Up Song, is available on Amazon. I will be reading two poems from the book and talking about some of the toxic behaviours I formed in order to get attention from guys.

Now let me read you a poem: This is called Language on page 11 and Locked on page 32

I love love. I’m a hopeless romantic.

There was one time it was my birthday, and I was having dinner with an older friend. And she said she has a surprise for me. So, throughout the whole dinner I kept thinking the guy I had a crush on was going to join us for dinner. He had not said happy birthday, so I assumed it must have been because he was going to surprise me in person. But, of course the night ended, and nothing. I was truly disappointed, my life was not going like the movies. I think after that moment, I decided I was going to me even more proactive with my pursuits. I became more manipulative and dishonest; I always brought the persona I thought would get me liked. But, I also knew that this person I was pretending to be, it won’t last. People will see the real me eventually and walk away. I did not think, my normal self was enough.

The girl in Language and Locked is calculative. She is tired of rejection and is willing to play a game to get that she wants. 

Language – A beginning means there will be an end. I was aware things won’t work out, but regardless I wanted to have the moment.

Locked – I’m a control freak, my crushes are never accidental. 

How you get them, is how you lose them. And this applies to negative characters or beliefs. 

Thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed the poems and want to support me you can buy my book on Amazon. Needy: My Break Up Song by Jemima Lola.

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