IN HER SHADOW  + ALWAYS A RUNNER | Short Stories | Author Road Membership Content

I find that I have many ideas for potential books. I get a glimpse of a story line and try to write it out. However, I always feel stuck and do not know how to progress past the scene I dreamed about. Sometimes, I also think about my life and write from a first person narrative. But, I am not sure if I want to put together a fiction story based on myself. I feel I might limit my imagination by sticking to a familiar experience; my comfort zone of what I know. 

Today, I want to share with my members two excerpts of story ideas. I am still working on turning these into short stories. I believe there is something in both and I want to develop them into a proper beginning, middle and end.


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When I self-published my poetry book Needy: My Break Up Song, I became an Author. In March 2022, I achieved one of my childhood dreams. I put together a poetry collection, and I released it out into the world (even though it was terrifying). Now, I am confident I can do it again. I know, I can do it better. I have always wanted to share my stories in the form of a book. I have many ideas in my mind, and I am determined now to turn those into books. I am walking down on Author Road.

This membership content will show you my writing process. I will talk about my struggles, share exclusive poems and short stories, and discuss self publishing. If you want to know more about Author Road, subscribe and get email notifications for when I post.

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