Reasons To Use Marketing 🎲 How It Can Grow YouTube 📈 Pros + Cons Of Ad Marketing 2022 | Start Up: Creative Studio BTS Membership 

Hey friends, welcome to Start Up Creative Studio BTS. Today, I will be sharing with you my marketing strategy for my business. I discuss the reasons to use marketing, how it can grow your YouTube channel and the pros + cons of Ad marketing. After, I also show you how to create a Google Ad campaign, manage the cost to stick to your budget and reach the targets you need to help you make progress. 

Some points I go through in this video:

Why do I find it important to have a marketing strategy as a business?

Why did I choose Ad Marketing?

Pros of Ads

Why I was hesitant at first

Cons of Ads

My results from using Ads

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Start Up: Creative Studio BTS are in depth behind the scenes of me starting my business ‘The Outcome Studio’. I will share my business journey; the plans I have, the strategies, as well as some how to’s and tutorials. These videos are for those wanting to learn from my experience; my progress, the mistakes, and reaching goals.

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