Pack With Me 🧳 New Dress Try On πŸ‘—+ Planning My Outfits For My First Holiday In 2022 | πŸ’Ž GemTime Vlog

Hey friends, welcome to Gem Time. Today is a pack with me for my upcoming holiday. I try on a new dress and I plan some outfits for my Italy trip. This is the first holiday I have been on in years, so I am feeling a little anxious. I want to get as organised as possible and get all the prep for the trip done in enough time, or I will get stressed if I leave everything to last minute. 

Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:40 New Look Story Time 2:30 Trying On My New Dress 3:35 Packing Early 4:26 What’s In My Carry On Suitcase 7:03 Planning Outfits 10:23 How I’m Feeling 12:03 Outro 12:44 Blooper 13:13 Promo/Subscribe/Watch More

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