I gave up on God…’About the girl you left behind’ 👁️ Eye See: After Needy📙 New Self-pub Book 2022

My new book Eye See: After Needy is out and available on Amazon. I wanted to share a poem ‘About the girl you left behind’ and talk about what this book means to me.

I am learning to separate what I want from what God wants for me

I am learning to believe in my purpose, what is mine will be mine

I am learning to be thankful for unanswered prayers, because getting it would have hurt me 

I am learning to try not to blame God if people leave

I am becoming 

I am learning how to be kind to myself

Needy: My Break Up Song🌹 & Eye See: After Needy 👁️ are available to buy on Amazon – https://theoutcomestudio.com/needy/

“It might seem small,

Others might not even see it at all.

There is pain tangibly heavy over me,

Suffocating me.” – Disclosure 14

Eye See is the book after Needy. I liked who I was becoming but there were challenges trying to cloud my vision. In an attempt to combat the negative, I wrote this book to revive my soul. I needed a reminder that if I could do it before, I could do it again. I was able to embrace my journey as imperfect as it is, and believe there is freedom if eye see it.

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