72Hours Solo In Busan 🇰🇷🌊 Haeundae Beach, Jungkooks Hometown, Dalmaji Cherry Blossoms 🌸 Korea Vlog-2

Hey friends, welcome to part II of the Chasing Cherry Blossoms series. I spend 72 Hours Solo In Busan 🌊. I took the KTX Bullet Train from Seoul to Busan, and began my chase as the Cherry Blossoms had bloomed. I stayed by Haeundae Beach, and it was surreal being walking distance to such a beauty place. Day 2 I visited Jungkook’s Hometown Mandeok-dong, he is the absolute love of my life and Busan is so special to me because of him. Then Day 3 I met up with another sole female traveller Nancy, and we head to Dalmaji Hill to get some awesome shots of Cherry Blossoms.

Unfortunately, Day 1 of Busan I did have a really bad mental health day which caused an anxiety attack. I decided to include the footages because this is the truth about my trip; it was not all highlight reels and it acts as a reminder for me that even if I’m literally living my dream life sometimes I will still have bad days. Plus after the bad days I am more present and grateful for the good days.

I spontaneously went to South Korea for Spring Time, and I travelled around for two weeks solo. 🇰🇷 To see more of the vlogs, remember to like, comment and subscribe if you enjoyed the video


0:00 Intro

0:59 Travel Day Seoul to Busan

1:09 KTX Bullet Train

1:34 Busan Central

2:02 Hello from Haeundae-gu

2:30 Studio Apartment Tour

3:39 The Plan

4:19 Haeundae Beach

5:04 Day 1 Rough Start

5:32 Cloudy Cherry Blossoms

6:31 Ajumma makes the best Hotteok

7:09 trigger warning I have an anxiety attack

9:10 calm

10:22 Day 2 Off to do BTS Pilgrimage

11:20 Jungkook’s Hometown Mandeok-dong

12:35 Jungkook’s Elementary School

13:39 Mandeok Lego Village

14:29 Teppan Fried Rice

15:03 Sunny Haeundae Beach

15:50 Day 3 Cherry Blossoms Plan

16:31 Dalmaji Hill Busan’s best cherry blossom attractions

17:47 Cheongsapo Port and Mipo Port

18:41 Alice Donut

19:15 Grilled Fish Dinner and more delicious Hotteok

19:58 Last Night In Busan

20:35 Daegu Preview 

21:08 Outro/Promo/Subscribe/Watch More

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