Needy: My Break Up Song
(I Am Needy Book 1)
Eye See: After Needy
(I Am Needy Book 2)

Needy: My Break Up Song is available to buy on Amazon 🌹

Needy: My Break Up Song is a collection of 50 poems that shows a young adult learning and experiencing feelings of needy love; the bittersweet memories. The journey from falling in love to breaking up and other complicated emotions such as, desperation, rejection and acceptance.

“Fall in love with someone who does not love you, Stay committed to them and never leave their side. That way you never experience true love, That way you never have anything to lose.” – Strategy

I changed the name of the poetry collection on my final proof read. The collection was called ‘About Us’.
Before, The End had a question mark after it. Now, The End has a period. This book is my break up song. I am finally letting go of a failed relationship and of my toxic needy traits.

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Needy Poetry Readings

Eye See: After Needy is available to buy on Amazon

“It might seem small,
Others might not even see it at all.
There is pain tangibly heavy over me,
Suffocating me.” – Disclosure 14

Eye See is the book after Needy. I liked who I was becoming but there were challenges trying to cloud my vision. In an attempt to combat the negative, I wrote this book to revive my soul. I needed a reminder that if I could do it before, I could do it again. I was able to embrace my journey as imperfect as it is, and believe there is freedom if eye see it.