Ache – a poem custom t-shirts


Something is missing,

You feel it deep within.

No matter what you do,

You can’t shake it away.

Tried this and that,

Still your soul cries.

Where is it?

Bring it to me!



Hey everyone, alone with my ebook ‘About Us’ I have added some of the poems and design onto custom t-shirts.

👕 Order my poems on Tees 👕:
Saturday Classic Tee:
Limping Classic Tee:

‘About Us’ is 22 poems taken from a poetry book Jemima is working on due to be published in Summer. This is a young adult learning and experiencing feelings of love and being in a romantic relationship; the bittersweet memories. The journey from falling in love to breaking up and other complicated emotions such as, desperation, rejection, and acceptance. All poems and drawings are originals by Jemima that she has carefully selected to share with you.

To download ‘About Us’:

To get the Free Activities  Click Here: Free About Us Activities

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