I will consult you about your youtube channel via video call

Get personalised guidance about your channel 

Figure out a strategy to reach goals

Plan time for creating and schedule uploads; relevant materials provided

Contact through Fiverr or email to book: theoutcomestudioinfo@gmail.com

Consultations: 30 minutes, 45 minutes & 1 Hour Sessions

On the call, we will discuss different areas about your channel. I will offer you guidance on your concerns, and struggles you are facing. I can assist you, on how to come up with an effective strategy, to make the changes you want, and reach your gaols. 

Potential points we can cover:

What are your interests? 

Who is your target audience? 

How will you add value to others? 

What are your current skills levels? 

How do you want to improve, and produce better quality videos? 

What are your goals for the channel?

How do you measure your achievements?

You will receive a PDF file with materials to help you plan, and organise your time for creating content, and schedule video uploads. 

This service is good for people with no channel, those just starting out and people who are struggling with growing.

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