Weekly Vlog πŸ“Ή Reset Day, Packages Arrive πŸ“¦ Nasty Gal Try On, Beauty + Skincare Orders 2022 πŸ’Ž GemTime

Hey friends, welcome to Gem Time. Today, I show you A Week In My Life. I start with a Sunday Reset Day; wash my hair and paint my nails. Then as the week goes on, I begin to receive packages. I ordered a few things that I was missing after my β€˜Pack With Me’. I got deliveries for Books, Camera gear, Clothes, Beauty, Skincare and Toiletries. Watch me Unbox and Try a few of my new stuff. Finally, as the week gets closer to the end, I spend some time outside enjoying the sunshine. The weather in London has been good, so I am going out as much as I can.

Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:40 Sunday Reset Routine Rice Water Hair Wash 1:26 Paint Nails + Watch @caricakes Vlogs 2:51 Tuesday Unboxing JOBY GorillaPod 1K Kit 4:15 Skincare from LOOKFANTASTIC Arrived 4:36 Wednesday Nasty Gal Try On 6:23 Thursday Amazon Books Arrived 7:10 Boots Products Beauty, Skincare and Toiletries 9:25 Friday Afternoon Nap In The Park 10:45 Saturday Testing New Skincare 11:41 Why I Go To The Park To Work 12:57 Editing In The Park 13:29 Outro + Watching Airplanes 14:13 Promo/Subscribe/Watch More

I am so happy to share my journey with you, come back for weekly content. Thank you for supporting me 😊

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