How I stop excessive armpit sweating Using Driclor + underarm hair removal with Veet Silky Fresh

Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to share how I deal with excessive under arm sweating. I always feel a little embarrassed about how much I sweat, but I wanted to share what I do when I struggle. When the weather changed and it got hotter my deodorant alone was not keeping me dry. I normally sweat a lot and it is something that causes insecurity, and stress and weather are things that can add to it. I use Driclor at night a couple times a week to stop the problem straight away.

Driclor Solution Roll On Applicator 20ml

Watch the video for a detailed routine of my under arm care on how I use it to avoid a lot of irritation. This is a very strong product so it can cause burning, sensitivity and other forms of irritation so caution is needed. If you deal with excessive sweating or just want extra protect this product is very useful.

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